Contact-Us-2Wendy Mauchline is our client relationship director and your best contact, please email or call her. Alternatively  if you prefer, you can complete the online form below.

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“I would like to thank you for making this year’s programme such a success. Your whole hearted participation was a key ingredient. Your presentation, based on genuine research and delivered with authority and presence, was highly praised by all whom I spoke to. Once again thank you for coming and sharing your insights with us and thank you for joining in the way you did.”
Jonathan Thornton, Director Corporate Affairs, Rexam PLC



Speakers agents, bureaus and conference organisers

Our speakers work with a variety of top agencies around the world. Feel free to contact your preferred agent and request Dean van Leeuwen or Dr Graeme Codrington by name. In the case of our preferred agents, we pay the agent’s commission directly, so there is no extra cost to you. Compare what your agent charges you with our quoted rates if you are concerned about how much they are charging you. We support their right to add some additional commission for added value, including guaranteeing your booking, as long as this commission is transparent to the client and the speaker.


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