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Our key people: Directors

Dean van Leeuwen

Dean van LeeuwenFounder of TomorrowToday (UK & Europe)
International Expert on the Future of Work
Presenter, Consultant and Intellectual adventurer

Dean van Leeuwen – is an intellectual adventurer, scholar of the new world of work and customer experience alchemist. He has an insatiable appetite for exploring how businesses can become more successful and increasingly contribute to society. His real gift is an ability to take complex information and identify creative, innovative and practical ideas. A sought after speaker and consultant, Dean challenges conventional wisdom revealing striking new realities and his approachable style quickly engages audiences leaving them wanting more. Dean enjoys mountain biking, scuba diving, strong coffee and good wines.

Dean is an expert on the future of work and business innovation. He has over 17 years experience working in marketing, project innovations and strategy departments for leading companies such as HBOS, AXA and Mckinsey. Because Dean intimately understands corporate and entrepreneurial life he relates to you and your delegates business needs and is able to tailor his approach to meet them.

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Dr Graeme Codrington

Co-Founder of TomorrowToday
International Expert on the New World of Work
Presenter, Author and Consultant

Dr Graeme Codrington is an internationally recognised expert on the new world of work, a well-respected futurist, author of a number of best-selling books published by Penguin, a strategist and professional speaker. Having worked for KPMG and in the IT industry in the 1990s, Graeme discovered he had a passion for understanding how companies connected with people from different ages. This resulted in an award winning study on Generations and forming the business consultancy, TomorrowToday.

He works in a wide range of industries as a consultant and presenter and presents to over 100,000 people a year, sharing the platform with the likes of Edward de Bono, Allan Pease, Sir Ken Robinson, Jonas Ridderstrale and Neil Armstrong. He has a passion for helping people understand why things are changing, and what to do about it, in their personal and professional lives. When he isn’t trying to change the world of work, he can found enjoying time with his wife and three daughters, playing the trumpet (he spent two years as a professional musician, becoming lead trumpeter of the SA Air Force NSM orchestra) or watching cricket.

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“Your workshop was very thought provoking – probably more so than any other leadership keynote we have delivered in Harrods. Participants called it really interesting, refreshing, wonderful! Eye opening. Left me wanting to hear more.” Paula West, Learning and Development, Harrods


“Thank you sincerely for a first class presentation. In 16 years of running events for our members, this was the best presentation on future trends we’ve ever had. Many of our members have requested your details and I am sure you’ll be back in Ireland soon.” David Fitzsimons, Chief Executive Officer, Retail Excellence Ireland


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